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Dayamí Hayek

Guest artists: Deyamari Castillo, Omar Pinargote

26 January - 15 March 2023

FRESA Y CHOCOLATE Gallery hangs up in its walls "ÍNDIGO", a melting pot of the work of the artist Dayamí Hayek, accompanied by works by Deyamari Castillo and Omar Pinargote.


Love, life, looks are all present in the works of these ”image makers”. From the sketch to the result, fruit of her days of "Musa" and manifestos where art, philosophy and mixed techniques are connected.

Dayamí Hayek, an artist who through her representations invites the spectator to reflect, to the aesthetic fascination by the recall of the "disorders", through colours. Her works are an affirmation of her commitment to the "Beautiful".
Deyamari Castillo, example of will and know how to do.
Omar Pinargote, his dreams made realities.

For further information about Dayamí Hayek's artworks visit:

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The Artists

Dayamí Hayek
Dayamí Hayek
Omar Pinargote
Omar Pinargote
Deyamari Castillo
Deyamari Castillo
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The Exhibition

The Pictures
The Movie

Featured Works

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