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Pared de cemento



“Par les Chemins”

Pragmatisme et dynamiques, écran du vrai

Nov 10 - Dec 2, 2023

Poster-Par les Chemins.jpg

The Exhibition

Two artistic genres, two talents. FRESA y CHOCOLATE Gallery invites you to live your own immersive experience, entering into the dialogue and polysemy of Olivier Boillat and Armando Garlun's creations.

"Par les Chemins" presents abstraction and neo-impressionism as currents in contemporary art that refer, on the one hand, to the rediscovery of materials and their use in new ways, and on the other, to "allegorical" representation in painting through techniques that blend pure colors in coordination and juxtaposition. Boillat frames "sculpted throats", Garlun surprises us with what lies "behind" his turns of phrase.

For further information:

Instagram : olivier_boillat, armando.garlun

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