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Pared de cemento

Dayamí HAYEK & Friends

From December 12, 2023

"Fresa y Chocolate" is an exhibition that showcases contrasts, tastes, connections, seemingly contradictory elements, emotions that Art, and especially its "actors of Contemporary Art" have had the opportunity to exalt in its achievements. It's an invitation to dive into the combination of artistic styles, the fusion and diversity of techniques, colors and experimentation.


A selection of works by artist Dayamí HAYEK and her friends with whom she shares her walls this time, inviting you to enjoy an unforgettable experience through a visual journey, a sensory experience not to be missed, an invitation to discovery and dialogue. 

The contemporary artists taking part in this exhibition seek to reveal unexpected narratives, using their work as a vehicle for reflections on human nature and beauty, love and feelings, societies, the animal and the mystical, the observation of nature's spectacular beauty, symbolism, abstraction and the exploration of the unconscious.

For further information about Dayamí HAYEK's artworks please visit:

Exhibition: Dayamí Hayek & Friends - “Fresa y Chocolate”
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